Private Sessions, local and international

30 minutes - $50
1 hour - $100

Bring your issues for resolving, whether they are physical, mental or emotional in nature. 

For complex and/or multiple issues, 1hr is recommended, with the option of assessing what further session time is needed, if any. For most singular issues, 30 min at a time is normally sufficient.

You will personally experience the elimination of your physical and emotional pains, struggles and blocks. 

You may choose session time dedicated to learning how to “self-correct” to become more masterful at resolving your own issues, and transforming yourself.

With this touch-free, non-invasive technique you will feel the difference on the spot!

Private sessions: both local and international private sessions are also available by phone.


Free Lecture / Demo

Free introduction on healing, its origin in ancient techniques coupled with cutting edge scientific and structural knowledge; learn how and why it works, and observe demonstrations of it working instantly for individual participants of the demo.

Contact Charmaine for more information on setting up a demo in your workplace home or shared community space.

(Presently available only throughout Western Canada, email for more info)


Workplace or Private Group Sessions

A great opportunity to work with a group dynamic, support a project or harmonise a group.

Or select a session type that combines a group's  energy to provide synergistic benefit for each member's personal issues at a very affordable price. (Presently available only in Western Canada)

Contributes to group and personal transformation.

1-4 hours in duration, prices vary per group size, duration and location