Life Issues

mental-level shifts, emotional releasing, psychological transformation, new spiritual levels

With the right disposition life becomes more cooperative and unfolds with pleasant synchronicity. 

By using a non-touch energy technique that works immediately on the quantum level, a supportive internal and external environment can be created.  These shifts are orchestrated by your higher self and supported in the techniques of session work. Alignments are received and integrated as you are guided to tap into your subtle personal power, opening peaceful and powerful connections while energetic blockages are released.  

Changes are then integrated through the subtle, non-physical levels of your being as well as your physical and external realities. It can be experienced as a magic coming alive in your internal an external worlds.

You can more consistently receive what need, and experience what you prefer to experience. 



Aging Differently, Becoming Pain-Free and Disease-free

there are steps for prevention & reversal

The physical body can be viewed as a combination of various energy systems with various circuitries and connections managed by our personal “bio-computer” or central nervous system. Disease and distress are bio-disturbances at the energetic level resulting in biochemical and bio-mechanical abnormalities.

Energetic corrections can reverse these energetic disturbances long before the imprints of the physical degeneration take place. 

A human mind, spirit and body that has been functioning for a number of years does not have to become less efficient than it did when it was young. 

Your muscles, tendons, ligaments, as well as your kidney, liver, heart and lungs, etc., many seem to you to less efficient as you age, but this breakdown is not exactly as unavoidable and inevitable as we generally believe. 

If you compare yourself to when you were younger, most differences will be neurological in nature - secondarily affecting muscles, organs, structures, and so on.  

As years go by the acquisition and accumulation of waste products, poisons, toxicities,  dead cells etc., can prevent the body from it's ability to receive nutrients and easily repair itself.  Non-physical factors can in-turn weaker the body as well, such as influences from misaligned or self-sabotaging thoughts, emotional triggers and destructive collective history.

The relationship between our body, mind and spirit is defined by governing balances - developing insight into a client’s intrinsic and extrinsic energies, and body/mind/spirit congruency is the key to begin to shift and correct the energy that will support rejuvenation and so reverse actual physical breakdown. 

Energetic evaluation, corrections, and supporting energetic remedies provide the best prospects for a longer and healthier life.

It is possible to energetically shift the state of your body and neurological system at an energetic level, deleting both non-physical and physical obstructions, and so reverse neurological deficits. These deficits being what lead to muscle atrophy, bone and joint degeneration, and organ, glandular and hormonal disorders. 

All levels of a person can be energetically shifted to support the goal of bringing back youthfulness and daily regeneration. 

    Clean water, healthy eating, deep breathing, and movement of the body can by supported by powerful detoxifying energy alignments to help restore health and wellbeing.


Clean water, healthy eating, deep breathing, and movement of the body can by supported by powerful detoxifying energy alignments to help restore health and wellbeing.

My grandson Callahan was on waiting list for surgery and was referred him to a neurologist for an MRI. The appointment was scheduled for the following month. In the meantime, Charmaine did corrections on Callahan’s eyes. The time came for Callahan to see the specialist. His eyes were completely normal. The specialist said that he had never seen anything like it before. Callahan was taken off the waiting list for corrective surgery. Callahan is now 2 year old and his eyes have remained in perfect condition!
— Carmen S. Calgary, AB March 2010

The ringing in my ears stopped after a 20 min session with Charmaine. I had a lifetime of tinnitus, and had tried everything. I gave up, and just thought I’d ask her about it! I’m so grateful.
— Client, Nova Scotia, July 2012

After just a one hour session, I feel truly blessed. I feel a new freedom not experienced before. I gained a new understanding of where I have come from and how this had negatively impacted all of my life. With Charmaine’s support, I was able to physically feel the letting go of the negativety of my past, and move forward into a new and genuine “me”, filled with love, freedom and joy.
— Carolynn Z. SK, Canada

Charmaine is magical. After just a few sessions I was able to move out of a state of anxiety, back to my more joyful self. The biggest value was that I was able to sleep again. I am very grateful to her and her amazing energy work skills.
— JC, Halifax NS