Charmaine is a natural therapist dedicated to helping others with a variety of natural techniques that work quickly and efficiently.

She has a history in holistic therapies, complemented by more classical studies in the area of health, anatomy, and human nature, that began more than a two decades ago. She now practices full-time in Victoria, BC, working with an international client base while lecturing, teaching and treating clients locally as well.

Her degree in Bioethics is from Regina Apostolorum, in Rome, Italy, where she graduated magna cum laude.  Her earlier undergraduate studies were carried out at the University of Toronto. Additionally she studied kinesiology, nutritional therapy and homeopathy through courses at the Wild Rose College of Natural Healing, and through various international workshops. She studied under various martial arts teachers developing the essential energetic component of her work that comes from shifting focus and directing mental energy to precisely identify the subtle indications of the energy system found throughout the human body. 

In her spare time she leads healing programs for groups - for adults and children. Group styles include incorporating her technique into yoga classes, mental preparation for martial arts for children, creative unblocking for local artists, and more.

She writes extensively and lives in Victoria, British Columbia.



After my session with Charmaine Graves, I immediately felt ‘lighter’ and more peaceful - a deep healing and release occurred for me around several issues. Charmaine is able to get to the heart of the matter very quickly and easily. The information she shared with me was spot on, and her clear and direct manner of expression made it easy to absorb and understand what was presented. In my opinion, Charmaine Graves is a highly gifted and aware practitioner with a gentle, non-judgmental and compassionate nature. I would highly recommend her services to anyone seeking a truly insightful and trans-formative experience.
— Sincerely, Theresa T. Halifax, Nova Scotia