quickly and powerfully supporting your transformation with quantum level energy alignments

About Charmaine

Charmaine is a natural therapist and energy worker dedicated to helping others with powerful techniques that work quickly and effectively.



Private Sessions are designed to transform physical health, to access emotional & mental freedom, and to tap in to high frequency spiritual energy.

Group healing circles take place around the world each year.

Sessions are held in-person, also by phone, Skype or email. Each option as effective as the others. Bring your issues for resolving.  



Aligning the emotional body, clearing mental energy/patterns and spiritual upliftment can transform the body and material environment.

The physical body, a complex combination of various energy systems, with circuitries and connections managed by our personal “bio-computer” which can be set to benefit you much more than it has in the past.. 



99% of clients experience immediately-detectible movement of chi or energy throughout their body, accompanied by mental clarity, physical ease and relief, and emotional upliftment.

Finding a successful way to attain your personal and professional wellness goals can be easy. And it can happen quickly for you. 

You may want to resolve issues surrounding your physical health, or improve your personal or work relationships. You may want to improve your financial life or ensure the success of a specific project or business venture.

For some clients, they may have decided it's time to discover more clearly their life purpose, or tap into their talents. Or to forge new ways to achieve their own benefit and the benefit of their family, loved ones or community.

For some there is a general desire of simply wanting to live more joyfully.

The way to achieving these things, and much more, are within your reach with a vibrant and effective combination of personalized energy diagnosis and healing techniques.

There is a strong non-physical component (the flow of your thoughts, emotions and subtle energies) that plays a guiding role in this energy-based transformational therapy.

Results begin to be felt within minutes.

Charmaine taps in to this subtle energy flow to diagnose, shift energy and release blockages. She uses a type of kinesthetic muscle-testing, along with intuitive guidance and quantum energy aligning. 

99% of clients experience immediately-detectable movement of chi, or energy, throughout their body, accompanied by mental clarity, physical ease and relief of discomfort, and very tangible emotional upliftment.

Clients also speak of their work and home environments, and many external factors in their lives, also beginning to transform in a positive way after their sessions. 

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